With over 20 years of business our track record proves itself. We offer a wide range of services, equipment, and knowledge. free estimates, and we charge hourly rates.
Interested in our services contact Rod Dick:
Phone: (778) 237-2695 Email: roddy@roddick.ca Fax: (604) 406-0410
  • Onsite and Offsite Services
  • Storm, Sanitary Mains, Pump stations
  • Hydro, Telephone, Cablevision
  • Water Main, including all services, plus meter chambers
  • Bulk and Detailed Excavation
  • Backfill Foundation, and Slab preporation
  • Road Building: Curbs, Side-walks, and all prep
  • Complete Concrete Foundations and Forming
  • Screeners for Top Soil
  • Supplier of Top Soil, Sand, Gravel (prices vary)
  • Excavators from 45,000 lb's - 120,000 lb's
  • Rubber tired Backhoes
  • Rubber tired Loaders
  • Rollers for compaction
  • Dozers operated by laser
  • Dump Trucks, trailers, and ponies
  • Surveyors Equipment

Currently we take on any site in requirement of services from the ground up.
  • Sub-divisions
  • Single Family lots
  • Warehouses
  • Demolitions: Houses, Sub-Division, Warehouses etc.
  • Site operations: logging, clearing, and road maintenance
  • Landscaping Including: Rock Walls, Ponds and maintenance.
  • Etc. Contact us regarding your project for consultation.

Phone: (778) 237-2695
Email: roddy@roddick.ca
Website: www.roddick.ca